What is taper lock pulley


A taper lock pulley is a pulley that is fixed to a rotating shaft with a tapered hub. The taper prevents the pulley from being pulled off of the shaft. Taper Lock Pulleys are preferred choice when absolute alignment between pulleys is not possible.

Advantages of the Pulley Taper Lock Bush

Quick detachable design facilitates reverse or French inside mounting and conventional or French outside mounting configurations. This ensures maximum flexibility in your application and provides a reliable solution for your needs.



They are also a very cost-effective way to keep your power transmission system running smoothly. They are easy to install, and they’re very durable.



they’re a great way to keep your shafts and hubs in place. They’re also very flexible, so they’ll work with any shaft size.


Easy to Remove

They are easy to remove for maintenance or replacement. This is especially important when you are working with large machines, as it can make it difficult to get your equipment back up and running quickly.


Taper Lock Pulley Installation


Pulley with taper lock are easy to install and fit into sprockets or pulleys. They have an eight degree taper and are made of steel.
During installation, it is important to align the hub and bushing properly. This involves lining up the fixing holes and inserting the screws.

Next, tighten the screws. This is done step by step until the desired torque is reached.

After getting the right torque, you can hammer the wider end sleeve into the hub directly. This will help avoid any cracks in the casing.
Available in metric and imperial sizes, the product is available for a variety of shafts. It can also be used with a range of hubs and adapters. This allows users to choose the best solution for their application.


How To Remove A Taper Lock Pulley


 First, make sure the shaft and holes are clean and free of oil, grease or dirt. Then, insert the taper lock bushing into the hub and make sure the hole is aligned, making sure the half hole of the taper lock bushing is aligned with the hole of the pulley/coupling shaft or hub.

Next, tighten the Bush to the hub grub screw by drilling one of the holes half in the Bush and half in the hub. Make sure you use the correct metric thread for your application.

When the grub screw is tightened, it can pull on the outer 80-degree taper bushing, causing it to expand. This loosens the fit around the shaft, which allows the grub screws to slide out of the hub.

You can then remove the grub screws, transfer them to the removal holes and remove the bushing. Be careful not to break the grub screws, as this may affect the function of the taper lock sleeve.


Taper Lock V Belt Pulley


The tapered lock type of V-belt driver is a standard design that includes a set of flanges that slide from the outboard and slide from the outboard. The resulting system can be adapted to the limits of a range of axes.

Specify the size and type of pulleys required in the application for best results.

The right pulley for your application will depend on what you are driving, the power it requires and your available space.

taper lock pulley catalogue


Browning Taper Lock Pulley

A brown taper lock pulley is made up of a small sleeve that slides across the shaft, then grabs the shaft when the pulley with the matching taper is tightened to its outer taper by bolts. The centre of the pulley is very precise, so that there is no wiggle in operation.


Fenner Taper Lock Pulley

Fenner taper lock pulleys are used in a variety of machines and help synchronize the work of the machines. It controls speed and also increases the durability of the machine.


Dodge Taper Lock Pulley

Designed for use in mechanical drive components, couplings and conveyor components, dodge taper lock bushings maximize uptime by preventing shaft backlash. These bushes feature split through the flange and gradual taper for true shrink fit on shafts, eliminating the need for keyway or re-boring.

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what is a pulley tap

Pulley tap is a type of hand or spiral point tap that has a longer shank to allow the operator to reach into holes that would otherwise be inaccessible. This type of tap is ideal for use with a manual tap handle or tap drill to thread holes in a variety of materials including pulleys.

The pulley tap set is an extension tap with a longer shank than a standard threaded tap. The handle is ideal for entering hard-to-reach holes that a standard tap cannot.

They are also used for general applications that require a longer shank. They are commonly used in pulleys and fixing screw holes as well as nut tapping machines.

Metric pulley taps are manufactured for special applications that require long handles to cut the internal threads on pulleys and other hard-to-reach parts. These taps are available for nut taps, bent shank taps for batch nut taps, and standard thread taps for extended lengths where the shank is greater than or less than the main diameter of the thread.



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